Risk-taking, mistake-making, and lifelong learning | Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz

This talk was given at first TEDxFSCJ 2014, a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this charming talk, Dr. Katheleen Ciez-Volz dives into the importance and need for all of us to reject fear and embarrassment over mistake-making, and instead take risks and embrace the possibility of mistakes for the sake of lifelong learning.
Fall 2016 Online Discussion:
Share a lesson that you learned, or an insight that you gained, from a mistake that you made in your workplace. What decision did you make? What risks were taken in the decision making process?
How, if at all, could that that mistake have been avoided? What what the most important lesson that you learned from the mistake?
Link to TED Ed Lesson: https://ed.ted.com/on/cTIQI79M

Global Learning Adventures – Countries

2016 Europe

Argentina. Buenos Aires. 1990

Belgium. Zeebrugge. June 2016

Bolivia. La Paz

Bosnia & Herzegovina. Mejugorje. Mostar. Summer 2014

Canada. Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto. Summer 2012

Canada. Whistler. TED Active. Mar 2015

Chile. Santiago

Colombia. Bogota, Cartagena, Leyva, Paipa. 2013, 2014

Colombia. Bogota. UNAD IV Intl Conference. Jun 2013

Colombia. Cartagena. UNAD III Intl Conference. July 2011.

Colombia. Cartagena. UNAD II Intl Conference. 2010

Croatia. Summer 2014

Czech Republic. Prague 2016

Denmark. Copenhagen 2016

Estonia. Tallinn 2016

Finland. Helsinski 2016

France. Paris. Lourdes. June 2016

Germany. Frankfurt. Kohn. 1981. Berlin 2016.

Japan. Yokohama. WSJ2015

Japan. Hiroshima

Panama. Panama

Costa Rica. San Jose

Guatemala. Guatemala.

Honduras. Roatan. 2015

El Salvador. San Salvador

Mexico. Mexico City 1976. Cozumel. Costa Maya 2015

Poland. Krakow 2016

Netherlands. Amsterdam 2016

Norway. Oslo 2016

Portugal. Lisbon, Porto. 2015

Russia. St. Petersburg 2016

Slovenia. Summer 2014

Spain. Madrid, Segovia, Sevilla, Toledo, Valencia. 2010. 2014. 2015

UK. London. Scotland 1981. Blair Atholl Scottish Jamboretter 2016. Edinburgh. Glasgow. Stirling. Summer 2016.

UK. London. Stonehenge. Windsor 2015

UK. London. Southampton 2015

USA. California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada

USA. Massachusetts. Cambridge. TEDxBeaconStreet. Adventure Catalysts Workshop. Nov 2014. Nov 2015

USA. Denver. CSU Global. 2012

USA. Weston. UNAD I Intl Conference. 2009

Turk and Caicos. Grand Turk. Spring 2015. December 2012.

Venezuela. Caracas

Big Data – Tim Smith. #bigdata #internet – TED Ed Lesson


There is a mind-boggling amount of data floating around our society. Physicists at CERN have been pondering how to store and share their ever more massive data for decades – stimulating globalization of the internet along the way, whilst ‘solving’ their big data problem. Tim Smith plots CERN’s involvement with big data from fifty years ago to today.


Why big data is important in the creation and development of useful databases? What is the connection with business intelligence?

How big data is useful to solve environmental issues?

Link to TED Ed Lesson: http://ed.ted.com/on/ybeUkkuS

TED Ed Learning Adventures

Think Bravely: Value Based Leadership

Think Braverly: Value Based Leadership #TEDxUNPlaza

#ValueBasedLeadership. From Values to Action Blog. Harry Kraemer



TED Ed Learning Adventures

TED Ed Learning Adventures @ TEDxFSCJ continues with a new lesson about Value Based Leadership. #ValuesToAction #DrJoseCampus

TED Ed Lesson: Value Based Leadership. Think bravely: Harry Kraemer at TEDxUNPlaza


TECHknowledge: combined online discussions

CyberChronicles – Learning Online Laboratory ( + Offline & Outdoors too…) is using Device Oriented Learning and combining technology and knowledge (TECHknowledge) with TED Ed lessons to expand online and offline discussions to different management courses.

Video link: https://youtu.be/dLLMAIVWxRE

TECHKnowledge: Next Manager Challenges


Next Manager Challenges are a combination of personal, professional, and technology knowledge needed to be successful. We used this graph adapted from several resources related to self-awareness, change, learning styles, intelligences, and strategies. It is a visual resource to put these pieces together. We started following our Personal Leadership System® model.

SWOT. We started our exploration of these challenges by addressing the importance of our personal SWOT. We need to know our Strengths and Weaknesses to be able to find new Opportunities and be aware of future Threats.

Values. We explored personal and cultural values to talk about beliefs, ethical decisions, and priorities. Study of our values led us to have a better understanding of doing a personal SWOT analysis. Values provides the starting point to the Be-Know-Do-Have sequence.

Self-assessment. In order to complete our personal SWOT, specifically in identifying our Strengths and Weaknesses, it is important to evaluate ourselves. We can learn about our personalities and attitudes, and explore the different intelligences to find our fit.

Learning style. Another important component in doing our personal SWOT is to understand how we learn. Different methods and surveys help. Our graph uses some examples about visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, It also mentions is we learn by knowing, doing, planning, leading or creating. When assembling a team, it is wise to have different kind of learners.

Change. This is a constant in life and we have to learn how to embrace it. How we orient ourselves to accept planned and unexpected changes. We need to evaluate risks and be prepared for emergencies.

TECHKnowledge. Emerging Technologies are vital for personal and personal performance in our workplace and communities. Embracing new systems, methods, procedures, and devices is vital for success and survival. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is one tool that allow us to select proper technologies based on usefulness and easy of use . Learning fast about technology changes will increase our knowledge base.

Technology Management. Next Manager should have a solid foundation in business and technology concepts. IT is now embedded in all organizations and personal life. The TECHCitizen woks and function in front of several screens.

Global Management.  Besides Technology Management, a personal SWOT analysis will also help to explore our world and find global opportunities. Global Learning, Global Engagement, Globalization, and Global Management are some of the concepts that involve Global Knowledge.

TECHKnowledge Challenges for the Next Manager include more than these points. These ones focus on the person. Creating self-awareness and knowing us better are vital tools to perform better at home, our communities, and the workplace.